Nov. 15, 2019: 4 weeks still at number 1 on the DJ web Radio Charts!!!! So happy!!!

Nov. 15, 2019: Coming this month my 19th year of Thanksgiving Dinner. great country music, oldies and Rock-n-Roll. Can’t wait for my turkey!!!

Nov. 15, 2019: 2019 has been a great year till now. 4 single releases and a double CD and still more coming!!! What a great year!!!!!!

Coming Soon!!!!! Brasil Concert 2020!!!!

Oct. 31, 2019: Getting ready for our yearly Halloween Party at Roy’s München. Music, fun and lots of monsters!!!!!

Oct. 23, 2019: „Come Back“ is climbng and going strong in all DJ and Dance charts in Europe!!!!!!!

Sept. 23, 2019: my new dance song “Come Back“ is one week old and made #25 in the top 100 Spotify dance charts. Wow !!!

Sept. 2019: Brand new release with a sound for the club scene today. Produced by a Mega Team!!!!! A completely new sound from the Disco Queen!!!!!

Sept. 2019: Getting ready for the infamous Oktoberfest 2019 in Munich so, I bring you a great new song for this event. It is PARTY TIME!!!!!!! Available by Amazon worldwide. Enjoy!!!

May 2, 2020: Don’t miss this fantastic Italo Disco Festival next year in Bergamo, Italy. I’ll be hosting this great event. Your favorite stars and music!!! Save the date!!!

August 27: Video shoot at the Waldwirtschaft for “The Mass is Full”, a Wiesn party song coming soon!

August 2019: Different Kind of Magic #1 in the Denmark DJ Radio Chart Base. Thanks guys!!!!

Great show at the Taucha Stadtfest 24.8.2019. Super 80’s party with top DJ Roman Knoblauch. Over 2,000 fans of italo disco. Wow!!! Love you all. Thank you Taucha!!!!

June 29, 2019 ! WOW ! No.: 23 on the leaderboard of Scottland Radio’s „Club 80s Chart June 2019“ *Policeman* / Special Groove Records THANX !

June 8th, 2019: Release *Different Kind Of Magic*

Watch actually teaser on YouTube

München, June 1st, 2019 @ Kirr Royal


Download: see „Musik # Videos“

April 26, 2019: Weltweite Veröffentlichung der neuen Doppel-CD „Greatest Hits & Remixes“ bei ZYX Music…!